Dressing Shaker – Eva Solo

Lots of people enjoy making their own dressing, and it always helps to have the right equipment. The Eva Solo dressing shaker allows you to make and serve your dressing, and if any is left after the meal, just close the shaker with the accompanying stopper and place it in the fridge. The stopper ensures that the dressing does not impart flavours to other foods in the refrigerator.

The dressing shaker’s drip-free pouring spout makes sure the dressing ends up on your salad – not on the table.

It is extremely simple to use: pour in the ingredients, shake well, and serve. It can be used for making a dressing, but it is also so elegant that it can certainly stand on the table for serving.

The dressing shaker is made of borosilicate glass and withstands hot and cold fluids. It can therefore be used in the microwave – just remember to remove the pouring spout. The drip-free pouring lip is made of stainless steel and silicone, while the stopper is only made of silicone.

All parts are dishwasher-safe.

Last updated on May 30, 2024 5:41 am
Dressing Shaker – Eva Solo
Dressing Shaker – Eva Solo


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  1. ScandiDeals Team

    The Eva Solo Dressing Shaker is an exceptional product that has revolutionized the way we make salad dressings. The sleek design and high-quality materials used in its construction make it a joy to use and a beautiful addition to any kitchen. The stainless steel and silicone materials are both durable and easy to clean, ensuring that the shaker will last for years to come.

    The unique design of the shaker makes it easy to mix, shake, and pour dressings with one hand. The non-drip spout is especially helpful, as it eliminates the mess that often comes with pouring dressings directly from a bottle. The shaker is also large enough to hold a good amount of dressing, making it ideal for use in a family setting or for meal prep.

    We were impressed by the shaker’s ability to perfectly blend ingredients to create a smooth and creamy dressing. The mixing ball inside the shaker ensures that all ingredients are evenly distributed, resulting in a consistent taste every time. This has made it much easier for me to experiment with different dressing recipes, as we can quickly and easily make small batches without any hassle.

    Overall, the Eva Solo Dressing Shaker is a fantastic product that we would highly recommend to anyone looking for a convenient and stylish way to make salad dressings. Whether you’re a seasoned chef or just starting out in the kitchen, this shaker will make a great addition to your collection of kitchen tools.

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  2. Borja B

    The design is very appealing, and the shaker is sturdy and convenient to use. Unfortunately, it is too petite for our family and a larger glass body would be ideal.

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  3. Kalman S

    “The vinaigrette shaker is aesthetically pleasing and its capacity is ample for everyday use. The anti-drip mechanism functions effectively. However, I have concerns about the glass breaking as opening it to refill can be challenging due to the tight seal that requires a bit of force.

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  4. Fabian S

    The design and versatility initially drew me in. However, after using it, I was disappointed to find that the vinaigrette always remained cloudy after mixing, and removing the rubber stopper was more costly than expected.

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  5. Holander D

    “I acquired the shaker by chance and I am overjoyed with my purchase. The salad dressing blends perfectly and the shaker has a stylish appearance. The “pouring straw” is ideal for evenly distributing small amounts onto the salad. Although it was a gift for my boyfriend, I find myself using it just as much. Previously, I used to mix salad dressing in a glass with a spoon, but there is no comparison to the convenience of this shaker

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  6. Amir Salameh

    I previously owned one for a long time and was very satisfied with it, however the cork became rigid and we were unable to remove it without damaging the bottle. I have since ordered a new one as it is both attractive and functional.

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