Cobra glass – 2-pack – Georg Jensen

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The German designer Constantin Wortmann likes to play with the viewer’s perception. His Cobra Drinking Glass appears dynamic and is a typical example for his vision of transformation.
With the Cobra Drinking Glass, Wortmann has translated the flowing design language of the collection by Georg Jensen into a new context. The mouth-blown glass smoothly winds its way upwards, just like an eponymous cobra. Due to its sculptural shape, the Cobra Drinking Glass of Georg Jensen is perfectly suitable as a water glass as well as for other exclusive beverages.
Drinking Glass with a snakelike vitality
“Cobra gives the impression as if it rises and floats, seemingly defying gravity”, says Wortmann. The drinking glass radiates a snakelike liveliness. Especially the combination with further items of the Georg Jensen Cobra series enables countless transformations.
Its nearly flowing impression gives the objects of the Cobra series by Georg Jensen a dynamic presence on any surface. In combination with its functionality, the items of the Cobra series are very stylish household items and elegant eye-catcher.

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